The worlds’ first online Ninja academy for learning traditional Japanese Ninja arts 

What is NINDO?

NINDO is a Ninja Academy initiated by the Japan Ninja Council to preserve the traditions of arts and culture of Ninja.The curriculum of NINDO will be based on the ninjutsu books written by genuine ninja in the Edo period(1603-1868). The Class contents will be supervised by Kawakami-sensei, who is head of the one of the longest traditional ninja schools since the 16th Century in Japan.

NINDO is separated into two majors; Yo-nin (theoretical and spiritual side) and In-nin (physical and practical side).

- Yo-nin -

In the Yo-nin course, you will learn about the history of Ninja and the spiritual intelligence skills such as meditation, art of listening and observing. 

- In-nin -

In the In-nin course, you learn about the practical skills of Ninja, such as ways of walking and self-defence skills from Dojo teachers. 

Kickstarter Project

Japan Ninja Council has just launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to promote the first Ninja online academy “NINDO” where you can learn the traditional Japanese Ninja arts without the boundaries of regions. We strongly welcome all Ninja fans to participate in the campaign.

Supervisor and Lecturer

Jinichi Kawakami, Master of Ninja

Jinichi Kawakami is head of the one of the longest traditional ninja schools, Banke Shinobi no Den of Kokaryu Ninjutsu, established in the 16th Century in Japan. He is the most famous ninja all over the world by this Youtube video as well. He has learned the Ninja arts from the age of 6. He is also The honorary curator of the “Ninja Museum of Igaryu” in Iga city, Mie Prefecture as well as Consultant for Japan Ninja Council since 2015. He is the most influential person who has a leading role at the area of Ninja in Japan.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Japan Ninja Council launched its first digital channel Nindo Channel on Youtube last year. The channel is lectured by Jinichi Kawakami sensei, who is the head of the one of the oldest Ninja schools in Japan.


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