Japan’s First Crowdfunding Campaign for the Launch of Ninja Online Academy

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Japan Ninja Council has just launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to promote the first Ninja online academy “NINDO” where you can learn the traditional Japanese Ninja arts without the boundaries of regions. We strongly welcome all Ninja fans to participate in the campaign. 

【What You Learn】

Yo-nin (theoretical and spiritual side) course: Ninja manners, meditation, concentration and listening, etc.

Yin-nin (physical and practical side) course: ways of walking, hiding techniques, nine spells for self-defence, etc.

【Special Benefits】 

1.Exclusive Discounts (50% OFF for backers and 55% OFF for Early Bird within 48 hours) on different levels of Ninja online courses from Genin, Ninja to Master of Ninja

  1. Chances to Have a Real Ninja Tour guided by Mr. Kawakami (The Master of Ninja)  in Tokyo, Japan


  1. Ninja merchandise (e.g. costumes and tools) 


You can receive the information by pre-registering your email address at the official NINDO Platform


Do not miss this rare opportunity! 




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